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Click the link for an interesting article by Bonnye Matthews

Do not click the link: It is left to show that someone is trying to conceal this information. Instead scroll down to the comments section to read, in its entirety what is contained in the link.

Links have disappeared and others inform you that it is a site containing malware. What does someone not want you to know?

The link below does contain the info copied and pasted to the web site but I believe that you must join in order to view.


Short Term Memory Loss

Posted: October 23, 2013 in Short Term Memory Loss

Yesterday I was trying to find an article that a friend had written about me. I was going through my old “bookmarks” when I came across this blog entitled “Volatile Places”. I was curious about what it was, thinking it could be a PDF of an excerpt from a book of the same name.

I clicked on it and realized that I had seen it before because of the Lawless America Banner.  I scrolled down to see what other information was here and found one of the photos that I had taken of Randy “Wrongway” Fackler’s home.  The Fackler home was just north of the plant and supposedly just outside the contaminated plume. Randy has since passed away. He had liver disease and cancer his wife and children have kidney issues she was told she would have to go on dialysis.

This was my blog and I had forgotten that I had created it. I do not believe I had even visited the site since the day it was created almost a year ago.

Short term memory loss is a huge symptom of this exposure. I will go into more on that subject in the future when I discuss what Tim Hamilton has been through.