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Dan Rather on Camp Lejeune Water Contamination.


Check this out.

Sound as a Crystal

Photo by Majd Mohabek via Flickr creative commons Photo by Majd Mohabek via Flickr creative commons

When people find out that I am sensitive to the chemicals in everyday products, I almost invariably find that they believe one or more of the many myths surrounding MCS. First, what is MCS?  I’m constantly surprised by the fact that almost no one knows what I’m talking about when I use that acronym.  MCS stands for Multiple Chemical Sensitivity.  The Chemical Sensitivity Foundation defines it this way:

Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS) is a medical condition characterized by a heightened sensitivity to chemicals. People who have MCS become ill when exposed to a variety of chemicals, many of which are commonly encountered in everyday life. Some people have only mild chemical sensitivities, while others have a more severe form of the illness called MCS.

Now that you know what it is, I imagine some of you are probably thinking, “Ooooh, I think…

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Click the link for an interesting article by Bonnye Matthews

Do not click the link: It is left to show that someone is trying to conceal this information. Instead scroll down to the comments section to read, in its entirety what is contained in the link.

Links have disappeared and others inform you that it is a site containing malware. What does someone not want you to know?

The link below does contain the info copied and pasted to the web site but I believe that you must join in order to view.

Lawless America

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Lawless America

If you have not heard of the widespread corruption that is running rampant in America then I encourage you to check out the Lawless America Movie Project. You will be shocked.


Welcome to Volatile Places

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Welcome to Volatile Places. We are surrounded by toxic hazards everywhere we turn and are slowly being poisoned while the majority of the population are unaware. This blog is intended to create awareness to the problem and hopefully share some helpful information and references that will inspire others to better educate and protect themselves.